Who We Are

The Oman Society of Lipid and Atherosclerosis (OSLA) is a learned non-profit society that was instituted on Month February 2012 by an assemblage of basic scientists and clinicians at the Sultan Qaboos University in Oman and the Ministry of Health under the umbrella of Oman Medical Association (OMA). OSLA is affiliated to the International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS) from November 2013.

However, in view of the dedicated requirements concerning diverse paradigms concerned with basic and clinical metabolomics specifically lipidomics; management of treatment modalities pertaining to lipid related and associated disorders, as well as to strengthen the public awareness concerning the above referred disorders, OSLA intends to provide a copious and rationalized approach over other medical societies in Oman. The organization currently has over 100 registered members varying from basic scientists and health-care professionals including but not limited to clinicians, pharmacists, advanced practice nurses, and physician assistants as well as medical students interested in basic and clinical research concerning lipids. The society is based in Muscat, Oman and is supported by Sultan Qaboos University, Ministry of Health and leading pharmaceutical companies.


Oman Society of Lipid and Atherosclerosis (OSLA) shall advocate for quality patient care concerning lipid disorders and atherosclerosis through education, research promotion, development and application of standards and guidelines to influence health care policy.

In line with the mission statement, the OSLA's objectives are:

1. Improvement and advancement of Patient Care

OSLA will augment medical understanding, clinical expertise, and allied occupational activities that deliver improved and effective patient outcomes. OSLA also aims to encourage patient involvement and understanding of lipid related disorders and atherosclerosis evolving to
a. Upkeep guideline based on disease care and prevention.
b. Service wellness programs
c. Extend the patient-physician relationship

2. Promotion of Multidisciplinary Translational Research (MTR)

OSLA aims to endorse translational research aims, to convert laboratory discoveries in manifold disciplines into therapeutic gains for patients. This concept débuted MTR, is a multifaceted process and is often elaborate necessitating colossal investments in time, money and expertise. OSLA aims to augment MTR by advocating for increased research resources to support translational lipid research from funding agencies such as the grant disbursement office(s) at different academic/medical institutions and Governmental grant organizations.

3. Advancement of public awareness

The foremost objective of OSLA concerning this exemplar is “Building improved lives, free of lipid related disorders and atherosclerosis”. In order for the fulfillment of this objective, OSLA aims to promote multifarious awareness programs in the form of public events directed towards

a. Reducing the death rate from coronary heart disease and stroke
b. Decreasing the prevalence of smoking, high blood cholesterol and physical inactivity
c. Control the growth rate of obesity and diabetes cases in Oman.

4. Promotion of Specialized Knowledge

OSLA aims to organize research conferences, technical and clinical workshops and exhibitions, where the program will definitively feature lectures delivered by protuberant international speakers alongside a range of high caliber local presenters. Meeting themes will cover a wide range of topics to appeal across a wide spectrum of interest to researchers and clinicians. These events will also act as the hub for fantastic networking opportunity.

5. Advocating Medical Education

OSLA is a membership organization and to that effect it plans to invite members from all areas of medical education - undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing - and from all specialties both nationally and internationally. OSLA plans to organize events specifically directed towards medical students that will function as a forum for debate and exchange of information related to the clinical and research aims, and building on its contacts in medicine and teaching among all networks, to promote knowledge and expertise in medical education.

6. Advancement of multi-disciplinary networking

OSLA plans to organize events in collaboration with other national and international societies that will provide a suitable platform for scientists and clinicians from various disciplines to network and facilitate collaborations. These events will be characterized by a fluid program that incorporates ample time for discussion and/or practical experience. The formats of these events will vary depending on the subject matter.

7. Continue to bolster the OSLA infrastructure, which includes:

a. Increasing diversity—including age and experience, ethnicity, and gender—at all levels of the society.
b. Providing avenues for helping OSLA members facilitate professional exchange.
c. Expanding OSLA membership.
d. Increasing the OSLA Council-Designated Endowment Fund (independent of operational budget) to support grants and other priorities

8. Scientific Outreach

Share new knowledge by improving the quality and expanding the reach of OSLA's communications. Besides maintaining a publication OSLA will:
a. Develop a mechanism for helping OSLA members personalize the society's communications to meet their professional needs.
b. Integrate educational material for the public.
c. Provide state of the Art information with regards to the development(s) in the discipline of lipids to all OSLA members.

OSLA Board Members

Prof. Khalid Al-Rasadi


College of Medicine & Health Science, Sultan Qaboos University

Dr. Dr. Khalid Al-Waili

Vice President

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

Dr. Khamis Al-Hashmi


College of Medicine & Health Science, Sultan Qaboos University

Dr. Fahad Al-Zadjali

General Secretary

College of Medicine & Health Science, Sultan Qaboos University

Dr. Manal Al-Kindi


Royal Hospital, Ministry of Health

Dr. Mustafa Al-Hinai


College of Medicine & Health Science, Sultan Qaboos University

Ms. Suad Al-Mukhaini


Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

Cherish Larraine Obra

OSLA Office Secretary